The Przasnysz County has been among the most pro-investment counties in Poland for years. All strategic actions aim at making the county’s development more dynamic and at making the economic, investment, tourist and social spheres more competitive and effective. Such actions lead to and create well – balanced development (including the rural areas), form social capital, improve the citizens’ quality of living and have an influence on improving the spatial, social and economic cohesion.

In all kinds of statistics and rankings of the most pro-investment Polish local governments, the rankings for obtaining EU funds, rankings which  assess economic activities, and finally rankings assessing effectiveness in meeting the social needs of the residents – the county, in long-term statistics, is on the first place in Poland.

For any investor who chooses to locate  their  plant in the Przasnysz Economic Zone the county offers cheap, fully developed plots of land for service, industrial, trade and air activities. The Przasnysz County owns also plots allocated for housing development. These plots of land are located in the best  districts of Przasnysz and Chorzele, near swimming pools, sports fields, parks and beautiful nature. The plots can serve as living facilities for future investors and can facilitate the influx of new workers employed in companies located in the EZ.

Special Economic Zone – Polish Investment Zone.

An important element of stimulating economic activity is the Polish Investment Zone operating since September 5, 2019. Thanks to the Act of 10 May 2018 on supporting new investments, entrepreneurs can benefit from public aid offered by special economic zones throughout Poland (previously it was only possible on real estate within the zone’s borders). Provisions regarding investment support stipulate that projects may receive support in the form of public aid (exempting an entrepreneur from income tax) after fulfilling the criteria specified by law.

In the Przasnysz County, quantitative criteria regarding the amount of required investment expenditures are amounting to: PLN 40,000,000 for a large enterprise, PLN 8,000,000 for a medium enterprise, PLN 2,000,000 for a small enterprise and PLN 800,000 for a micro enterprise. Entrepreneurs may take advantage of public aid in this field in the form of tax exemptions (micro and small enterprises – 55% of the value of eligible expenses, medium – 45%, large – 35%).Pursuant to the Act, public aid in the Przasnysz County is coordinated by the Warmia-Mazury Special Economic Zone with its seat in Olsztyn.

The offer of the county job centre in Przasnysz address to the investor.

  • The refund of costs of furnishing or equipping the workplace.

This is financial assistance in the amount of PLN 24,000 gross in connection with the equipping or retrofitting each new workplace and employing one unemployed person sent by the job centre for a period of at least 25 months. To equip the workplace fixed assets, devices and machinery can be purchased among others.

  • Intervention works.

It is a form of assistance for the employer consisting of co-financing remuneration in the form of refunds in the amount of PLN 825 + ZUS (Social Insurance Office) contribution deducted from this remuneration, for the duration of intervention works (the first 6 months of employing the unemployed sent by the job centre). The employer is obliged to employ an unemployed person after the end of intervention works for a period of at least 4 months. The total period of employment of the sent unemployed person is 10 months.

  • The training of the unemployed at the employer’s request.

The employer may submit to the job centre an application for training in the given field. He should employ the unemployed after completing the training for a period of at least 3 months.

  • An Internship.

An internship is a period of acquiring practical skills by performing tasks in the workplace without establishing an employment relationship with the employer. The internship is organized for a period of 6 months after which the employer is obliged to employ the referred unemployed for a period of at least 3 months. During the internship, the office pays the scholarship to the trainee and covers social security costs.

  • Internship voucher (for persons up to 30 years old).

As part of the internship voucher, the unemployed takes an internship for a period of six months. After this period, the employer is obliged to employ a person for the next 7 months. During the internship, the job centre pays the scholarship to the trainee and covers social security costs. An employer who employs the unemployed for a declared period of six months may receive a bonus of PLN 1,500.

  • Employment voucher (for persons up to 30 years old).

Under the employment voucher, the unemployed should be employed for at least 19 months. The employer receives reimbursement of the costs of remuneration and social security contributions for the unemployed person in the amount of the unemployment benefit (about PLN 830) for the first 12 months of employment.

  • Co-financing of remuneration for employing an unemployed person over 50 years of age.

The employer may receive a grant of up to 50% of the minimum wage per month for the period of:

-12 months in the case of employing the unemployed aged 50-60,
- 24 months for the employment of unemployed persons over 60 years of age.

The employer is obliged to continue employing the unemployed person after the expiry of the period of entitlement to co-financing remuneration, respectively for a period of 7 months in the case referred to in item a) and 13 months in the case referred to in item b.

Additional benefits:

  • regulated legal status of real estate;
  • low prices of investment plots;
  • ready utilities;
  • railway siding in the Przasnysz Economic Zone w Chorzele;
  • good geographical location – short distance from Warsaw, Olsztyn, Płock;
  • the availability of highly qualified workforce with unused development potential;
  • the steady increase in the number of small and medium enterprises as potential cooperators and recipients of good and services;
  • The dynamic increase in production and export as well as employment in large industrial and service companies – facts confirming the durability of their business location in the Przasnysz County(KROSS, BELL, ABB);
  • good communication system (including the possibility of air communication);
  • the areas in Sierakowo are adjacent to the area for a grass airstrip and air transport facilities and equipment;
  • a modern health care base located in Przasnysz (well-equipped county hospital);
  • the high standard of the education base (secondary, post-secondary and higher) and the possibility of education in accordance with the needs of economy;
  • the full support of the county office in Przasnysz in the scope of investment planning and implementation, in particular in the scope of geodetic works, activities related to obtaining building permits, cooperation in recruitment and training of employees as well as the development of accompanying infrastructure;
  • Ecologically clean, picturesque areas – as a place to relax;
  • recreational facilities (e.g. new sports halls, swimming pool).

Human resources and social infrastructure.

a) labour force reserve in the Przasnysz County – 2,000 people;

b) labour force reserve in neighbouring counties – 18,000 people;

c) studies conducted in the communes of the Przasnysz county lead to the conclusion that the actual number of people unemployed is about 5,000 higher persons (so-called hidden unemployment). According to information obtained in six neighbouring counties, labour force reserves related to the so-called hidden unemployment can be estimated at around 25,000 people. These people are eager to work in a company that provides permanent work. Total labour force reserve in the Przasnysz county and neighbouring counties  amounts to around 50,000 people;

d) county secondary and vocational schools with a foreign language program and major specializations in the field of mechanical engineering, economics, logistics, tourism, gastronomy, trade, etc .;

e) a signed contract with the Warsaw University of Technology – a leading technical university in Poland in the field of education of pupils and students as well as testing and implementation of modern renewable energy technologies in the Przasnysz Economic Zone, innovative chemical technologies – including energy storage and aviation (air planes and unmanned robots);

f) the possibility of cooperation with the Linguistic and Technical University in Przasnysz);

g) Masovian Winter Sports Centre in Chorzele (swimming pool) – as a base for active recreation;

h) modern primary schools, kindergartens, junior high schools, general, technical and vocational secondary schools (with English and other foreign languages), district court, police station, sports grounds (tennis courts, sports fields and halls, skate park, horse riding, regional museum).


On the basis of Resolution No. 222 / XXV / 12 of the Town Council in Chorzele of November 30, 2012 on exemption from property tax for entrepreneurs creating new investments and new jobs in the Chorzele municipality under de minimis aid – entrepreneurs in the Przasnysz Economic Zone Chorzele area are tax exempt for the period of:

1) 1 tax year – if at least 3 new jobs have been created;
2) 2 tax years – if at least 10 new jobs are created.

Companies with the foreign capital located in the Przasnysz County.

There are enterprises of international, national and local importance (SME) in the county.

Companies of international and national importance include:

KROSS – European leader in bicycle production

ABB – a European group in the energy equipment industry

Main industries represented by SMEs:

– transport and logistics,
– construction,
– trade,
– services,
– agri-food processing,
– mechanics and energy.

The average monthly salary in the county is approximately PLN 4,640 gross (USD 1.100) – 84 % in relation to the national average.

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