The county administration and local self-governments have provided complex and professional servicing for the entrepreneurs, both the prospective and existing investors in the Zones in respect of the investment process. Commencing from the moment of expressing the preliminary interest or filing the letter of intent the entrepreneur receives full support regarding the formal-legal procedures associated with the land purchase and the execution of the intended economic enterprise thereon.

Step 1

Any information, visualisations etc in respect of the full investment offer of the Przasnysz County and its current availability as well as the land lots already unavailable can be received from the Division of Economic Development and Promotion. Any technical information as well as the information concerning the formal-legal procedures associated with the announced tenders, deadlines, deposits etc is available in the Department of the Geodesy, Cartography, Land Register and Land Management, room 35. Should any prospective investors be interested in acquisition of the title to a specific investment land lot within Przasnysz Economic Zone or the housing land lot in Przasnysz, they would be entitled to apply to the County Authorities in Przasnysz with the letter of intent indicating such interest. The said Authorities shall consider it while announcing another tender in which the interested party would be free to participate.

Step 2

Upon the tender proceedings and after purchasing the title to the land lot at the agreed date/time a notary public deed shall be concluded.

Step 3

The owner of the title to the land lot willing to begin the investment process shall receive any possible assistance from the County Authorities and local self-governments.

Formal-legal procedure of the investment execution:

  • firstly – the investor files in the Przasnysz Municipality Office the application for the excerpt from the Local Area Development Plan concerning the specific land lot which should be readily available since the entire area of the Przasnysz Economic Zone in Sierakowo as well as the areas intended for the housing buildings located in Przasnysz, Ruda and Wiejska Streets, are covered by the current Local Area Development Plans.
  • secondly – the investor orders the elaboration of the building project with a person or company having the necessary qualifications.
  • thirdly – the investor files the building project complete with the necessary documentation in the Department of the Communication and Building together with the application for issuing the building permit – Building Division – 2nd floor, room 90. Within 30 days of the date of application filing the investor shall receive the relevant building permit.

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